Veramannan 500mg 60 caps

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Veramannan- 60 count: Beta-Acetylated Glycomanna 500 mg

Veramannan is a potent immune system modulator for acute and chronic immune challenges. One capsule contains physician quality 500 mg of Beta-Acetylated Glycomannan derived from the gel of the leaf of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller Plant. The polysaccharide of Aloe is a long chain sugar molecule that is comprised of glucose and mannose sugar molecules connected together.

There is a large range in sizes of polysaccharide molecules. The size and makeup of the molecule determines it’s effectiveness for various applications. Veramannan is composed predominantly of large polysaccharide long chain sugar molecules which measure in size from 500,000 - 2,000,000+ Daltons. Its primary healing action is that of an immune modulator. Molecules in this size range have proven to have a powerful healing effect on conditions involving immune system dysfunction.

Numerous studies have shown that high quality Beta-1,4-Acetylated Glycomannan:

  • Bolsters immune system
  • Stimulates phagocytosis
  • Stimulate antibody formation
  • Increases depressed phagocytic function of white blood cells in bronchial asthma patients
  • Exhibits antiviral activity and enhances cell function in some viral infections
  • The polysaccharides bypass the digestive system intact and are absorbed by endocytosis (taken up into the cells of the intestinal lining intact and extruded into the circulatory system). It is here that the immune supporting functions are fulfilled.

Who May Benefit from Taking Veramannan?

  • Those undergoing physical stress.
  • Those under mental/emotional stress.
  • Those in advanced age.
  • Those with chronic fatigue.
  • Those with impaired immune systems.
  • Those desiring prevention and maintenance.