MBi Nutraceuticals Pyricet-300 TR Pyridoxine 60 Capsules

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MBi Nutraceuticals Pyricet-300 TR Pyridoxine 60 Count

Aid protein metabolism with all natural Pyricet-300. This time released formula can help alleviate nausea and the symptoms of allergies, as well as help with weight loss through more efficient metabolism. Pyricet-300 also acts as a mild diuretic (reduces bloating and water retention).


Vitamin B-6 aids in conversion of amino acids and the metabolism of proteins and fats, and detoxifies oxalic acid.

It is also involved in the synthesis of porphyrins for hemoglobin and in the synthesis of antibodies and tetrahydrofolic acid. Vitamin B-6 also helps prevent muscular weakness and certain nervous and skin disorders as well as preventing nausea and radium sickness. Several investigators report successful treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Vitamin B-6. In a double-blind study, researchers found Vitamin B-6 to be very helpful in inflammation and oxidation of the area and as a detoxifier and rebuilder.

Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (PLP), the converted form of pyridoxine in the body, functions as a coenzyme in over sixty enzymatic reactions involving amino acids, generally in transamination, decarboxylation, dehydration, desulfuration and racemization. Involvement of PLP in Vitamin K action was first reported in 1979. Vitamin B-6 may participate in the important Vitamin K-dependent carboxylation reactions of proteins, such as prothrombin or osteocalcin, although it is still currently being studied.

Experimental pyridoxine deficiency is known to produce psychological effects in adults and convulsive seizures in infants that are fed formulas low in B-6. Depression in women using oral contraceptives has been ascribed to Vitamin B6 deficiency as well. Other signs of deficiency may include tingling sensation in the hands and feet, dermatitis, glossitis, cheilosis, edema, green tinted urine, dizziness, vomiting, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), anemia, somnolence, irritability, loss of neural function, loss of hair and loss of muscle tone. Other possible signs may be headaches, cramps in abdomen, gas, diarrhea, atherosclerosis, cystitis, acne, hemorrhoids, dandruff, seborrhea and sore lips, mouth and tongue.

Dandelion Root is used as a laxative, blood purifier, urine increaser and healer, and as a remedy for jaundice, diabetes, dropsy, inflammation of bowels and fever, scurvy and eczema.

Asparagus Root is a natural diuretic.

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