MBi Nutraceuticals Expectorant Cough Syrup European Homeopathic Formula 8 fl oz.

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MBi Nutraceuticals Expectorant Cough Syrup European Homeopathic Formula 8 fl oz.

Quiet a cough with a natural expectorant syrup. Our cherry flavored cough syrup is the best you’ll find.

Natural Homeopathic cough syrup with a great cherry taste. MBI’s Expectorant Cough Syrup is also great for kids!

Expectorant Cough Syrup is unbelievably effective in treating the coughs associated with bronchitis, laryngitis, and other upper respiratory colds and infections. Expectorant Cough Syrup contains optimum concentrations of various essential oils having specific effects on the mucous membranes of the upper air passages.

Results include a strong soothing effect, both secretory and antiseptic effects, sedative action, and boosts immune function with the use of active homeopathic ingredients. It helps reduce inflammation of the mucus membranes in the upper air passages. It also aids in the treatment of bronchitis and whooping cough at all stages.

Belladonna relieves convulsive cough attacks, a hollow or barking cough and dry mucous membranes.

Spongia is effective for hollow cough and cough at night.

Sticta fights cold from the nose to the pharynx and trachea, followed by bronchitis, as well as pressure on the root of the nose.

Hyssop functions as a natural expectorant. It promotes expectoration in cases of chronic catarrh.

Ars. Alb. relieves thin, watery discharge in nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, hayfever, and coryza. It also helps catarrh, dry cough, and wheezing respiration.

Anise helps hard, dry cough, bronchitis, spasmodic asthma and chest congestion, as well as being an expectorant

Ephedra relieves swelling in mucous membranes, clears air passages, helps asthma, hayfever, and rheumatism.

Phosphorus helps chronic catarrh, painful larynx, sore throat, cough, lung congestion, and burning and tightness in chest.

Kali. Carb. relieves nasal congestion, post-nasal drip, mucous, dry cough, and difficult expectoration.

Thymus tissue boosts the immune system.

Ammonium Bromide is an expectorant which aid in the elimination of mucus.

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