MBi Nutraceuticals Coffee/Tea/Chocolate Antigens Oral Antigen 1 fl oz.

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MBi Nutraceuticals Coffee/Tea/Chocolate Antigens Oral Antigen 1 fl oz.

Allergy or allergic reaction to coffee, tea, or chocolate.


Each antigen is in a base of 20% Ethanol and Aqua pure, which meets FDA and Homeopathic Pharmacopeia requirements. The ethanol contained herein is not a yeast fermentation product.

Only the allergens to which a person is allergic will have an effect on the body. The homeopathic rule is that only the substance needed will have any permanent effect on the person. Other substances should not cause a reaction. Any adverse reaction will quickly subside when the substance is discontinued. Symptoms may increase at first, and then improve over time. If symptoms become severe, discontinue use for a few days and then begin again at a lower dosage, working up to the maximum dose. It may take several dosages to remedy the allergenic response.
These antigen drops reduce the sensitivity of the body to airborne antigens. The dosage should be 50 drops every half hour during acute phase and 50 drops twice a day to reduce less severe or chronic symptoms. Many people ask why oral antigens don't act like antihistamines. The answer is that they aren't antihistamines. Antigens work naturally by increasing the amount and activity of the CD-8 Suppressor T cells which help control the abnormal allergic reactions in the body. To control allergies with homeopathics requires several days of high dose therapy and the symptoms will gradually lessen until normal homeostasis is reached. The great thing about homeopathics is that they have no side effects and the cure can last for months.

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