MBi Nutraceuticals Bio-Hepatic Drops Endocrine Tincture1 fl oz (30ml)

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MBi Nutraceuticals Bio-Hepatic Drops Endocrine Tincture1 fl oz (30ml)

Support healthy liver function.


Bio-Hepatic Drops are one of Molecular Biologics' numerous Endocrine tinctures which are made from New Zealand freeze-dried glandulars in accordance with the U.S. Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

These homeopathic tinctures are sarcode complexes that are designed to stimulate the body into building a healthy organ. The tinctures supply an energy blueprint for healthy organ cells. These tinctures can also often alleviate symptoms caused by an ineffective organ.

Homeopathic endocrine tinctures should be used in conjunction with the corresponding vitamin, mineral or organ tissue tablets. These supplements combine to provide the building materials for healthy organs.

All Endocrine tinctures are available in 1 fluid ounce droppers and are taken orally.

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