MBi Nutraceuticals Bio-C Chewables 60 Wafers

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MBi Nutraceuticals Bio-C Chewables 60 Wafers

Get all the power of Vitamin C in a great tasting chewable tablet. This formula contains Vitamins A and E for added health benefits.


Vitamin C is essential for collagen, the cement and elastin for connective tissue in the body. It hydroxylates proline and lysine, making it possible to crosslink protein chains which form the basis for connective tissue strength.

Vitamin C detoxifies toxins and is effective against small viruses, bacteria of all kinds, certain fungal diseases, drug withdrawal and heavy metal poisoning. Vitamin C protects cells from oxidation, helps form bones and teeth, heals capillary walls, strengthens blood vessels, cartilage, ligaments, and helps prevent hemorrhages. Vitamin C builds intestinal walls, bone marrow and joints.

Vitamin C assists in the secretion of hormones from the adrenals, Epinephrine and norepinephrine, and converts folic acid to folinic acids. It has both antihistamine and diuretic actions and promotes healing. Vitamin C also strengthens the lens of the eyes, thereby decreasing cataracts, inflammations and infections of the eyes.

Vitamin A promotes protein, nucleotides, glycoprotein and lipoprotein synthesis. It prevents keratinization of skin and eyes, protects all mucous membranes and prevents cross linkage of proteins. It promotes resistance to disease, protects cells from foreign antibodies and stimulates the immune system. Vitamin C also helps develop Retinal, a coenzyme with rod and cone opsin (an optic protein) to trap light in vision and trigger neurological response in the optic nerve.

Vitamin A is essential for the genito-urinary and gastrointestinal tracts, and is critical for the growth and maintenance of both epithelial cells and the capillary walls in all cells.

Vitamin E prevents oxidation of Vitamin A, unsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamin B-l and the amino acid Methionine. It protects the red blood cells in the blood stream from abnormal oxidation, prolongs cell life, heals all tissue and organs in the body and is needed for formation of the nucleus of each body cell, including DNA and RNA. It protects the body from aging, protects the structure and function of muscle tissue and capillary walls, prevents sterility in males, helps circulatory diseases and menopause and is necessary for reproduction.

Sorbitol is a natural sweetener from fruits, berries, seaweed and algae, and has properties similar to Vitamin C. It is also good for peripheral neuropathy.

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