Mannaloe 500mg 60 caps

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Mannanaloe- 60 count: Beta Glucan 500mg

Mannanaloe is Beta-1,4-Acetylated Glycomannan (AG) which is derived from the gel of the leaf of the Aloe Barbadensis Miller Plant. The polysaccharide of this Aloe is a small, short chain sugar molecule that is comprised of glucose and mannose sugar molecules connected together. There is a large range in sizes of polysaccharide molecules. The size and makeup of the molecule determines it’s effectiveness for various applications. Mannanaloe is composed predominantly of small polysaccharide short chain sugar molecules which measure in size from 12,500 - 500,000 Daltons. Molecules in this size range have proven to have a powerful healing effect on inflammatory conditions, and have also been found to be effective in human studies in patients with Insulin Resistance.

Many scientific and clinical communities are aware of Beta-1,4-acetylated glycomannan’s efficaciousness. It has been noted in various scientific studies which have yielded evidence that:

  • Glycemic levels and triglyceride levels are normalized in patients with Insulin Resistance
  • These molecules are potent anti-infl ammatory agents that serve as anti-histamines, antibradykinins, and other enzymes that are related to chronic inflammation, such as arthritis
  • Effective with inflammation of the GI Tract

Who Might Benefit from Taking Mannanaloe?

  • Individuals with Insulin Resistance.
  • Those who have allergic-type responses.
  • Those with chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • Individuals with chronic bowel inflammatory conditions.
  • Those that may have hyperpermeability syndrome (Leaky Gut)
  • Individuals who have arthritic type and related conditions.