Iodoral IOD-50mg iodine/iodide 90 tablets

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Iodoral IOD-50 90

Iodoral IOD-50mg iodine/iodide- 90 tablets

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Iodine and Potassium Iodide Blend for Thyroid Health

Iodoral IOD-50 by Optimix is an iodine supplement that also includes potassium iodide.

Sufficient amounts of iodine may help to promote proper thyroid function.

The thyroid is a gland located inside the front of the neck that secretes hormones which help to regulate the body's metabolism. Iodine is used in the production of thyroid hormones and in helping to manage thyroid function.

An unhealthy decrease in thyroid function may result in weight gain, fatigue, mental fog, and other health issues. Proper thyroid function, which is supported by sufficient iodine, may help to promote healthy energy levels and healthy weight management.

Sufficient levels of iodine may help to support

Healthy energy levels
Healthy weight
Healthy sleep
Breast health
Immune health
Skin, hair, and nail health

This supplement also includes potassium iodide, which is another source of iodine intended to help promote thyroid function.