Amrita Aromatherapy Basil, Tropical Organic Essential Oil 10 ml

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Amrita Aromatherapy Basil Tropical Essential Oil- 10 mL

Tropical Basil is similar to other Basil varieties but has a stronger, more camphor-like scent. It energizes the mind and body and is often used in Diffusion to ease headaches and respiratory conditions.

Tropical Basil has a distinctly camphor-like aroma, which is stronger and more medicinally scented than the other Basil varieties. This potent herb is energizing, antiseptic, fever-reducing and spasm-suppressing. Tropical Basil is ideal for helping with cold and respiratory problems.

If you have problems getting up in the morning, have Tropical Basil in your diffuser and connect the diffuser to a timer. Set the timer to start diffusing 30 minutes before you have to get up. Better than any alarm clock!